Service Disruptions Last updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2023 02:35 PM

Main Street, Greetham

Road Closure: Main Street, GreethamWednesday 15th to Friday 17th November 2023Service R2 and 29

Due to a closure on Main Street, Greetham, the Wheatsheaf stop will not be served and both the R2 and 29 will be diversion for the duration of the closure. To accommodate the School movement on the 29, we will be operating a temporary timetable on those days. 

R2 Service

The R2 will operate as normal on Greetham Road into Greetham, but will be unable to operate on Main Street to serve the Wheatsheaf, it will turn around near Church Lane and head back out of Greetham. 

Passengers are advised to use the bus stop opposite Locks Close instead. 

29 Service

Temporary Timetable can be found here.

In summary the morning journey will commence 5 minutes earlier and will follow a diversion route between Greetham and Cottesmore.

AM journey Essendine to SMB Brooksby

· Follow usual route from Essendine to Greetham (Wheatsheaf)

· Turn around and exit Greetham the same way back along the B668

· Turn left at the roundabout onto Hoby Lane

· Continue onto New Road

· Turn left onto Witham Road and enter Thistleton

· Exit Thistleton and turn left onto Thistleton Road

· Enter Market Overton and turn left onto Main Street

· Exit Market Overton and drive through Barrow

· Enter Cottesmore where passengers can alight and board at the Ashwell Triangle

· Continue to Oakham as normal and continue to final destination

PM journey SMB to Essendine

The return journey will arrive at its final destination approx. 3 minutes later than usual.

· Follow usual route from SMB Brooksby to Oakham Bus Station

· Continue to Cottesmore and turn left onto Ashwell Road where passengers can alight and board

· Continue to and through Barrow

· Enter Market Overton on Main Street

· Turn right onto Thistleton Road

· Turn right onto Main Street and enter Thistleton

· Exit Thistleton on Witham Road

· Turn right onto New Road

· Continue onto Hooby Lane

· Turn right at the roundabout onto the B668 and enter Greetham (Wheatsheaf)

· Turn around and exit Greetham

· Continue to final destination as normal

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 29/29A
  • ic_bus 29/29A
  • ic_bus 29/29A
  • ic_bus R2
  • ic_bus R2
Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th November 2023
Chapel Road, Flamstead

Road Closed Chapel Road, Flamstead

Monday 30th October to Friday 1st December 2023

Service 46

Due to a road closure in Flamstead, the 46 is unable to serve its normal line of route in Flamstead. 

For the duration of the closure, the 46 will operate via Chequers Hill and Singlets Lane to Three Blackbirds, where it will turn around and head back out via Singlets Lane and Chequers Hill. 


As of 15th November, the 46 will no longer serve Flamstead in either direction, as we cannot not guarantee the safety of passengers and drivers alike. This is not a decision that was taken lightly and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience this caused.



Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 46
  • ic_bus 46
  • ic_bus 46
Monday 30th October to Friday 1st December 2023