Service Disruptions Last updated: Thursday, 01 June 2023 01:34 PM

83 Clarendon Park Road

Road Closure: Clarendon Park Road (Emergency Closure)Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th June 2023Service 83

83 from Gilmorton – will operate as normal to Knighton Lane East, but instead of turning left onto Welford Road onto Clarendon Park Road, it will continue on to Chapel Lane, left onto Knighton Road and Queen Road, rejoining the normal line of route on Queens Road at the Clarendon Park Road junction.

83 from City Centre – will operate as normal on Victoria Park Road and Queens Road, but instead of turning right onto Clarendon Park Road, it will continue on Queens Road, veer right onto Knighton Road, right onto Chapel Lane, rejoining its normal line of route on Knighton Lane East, at the Welford Road junction.

Please note: The Heather Road stops and Houlditch Road stops on Welford Road, and the Leopald Road stops and Lytton Road stops on Clarendon Park Road, will not be served for the duration of the closure.

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 83
From Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th June 2023
23 Long Clawson

Due to a closure on East End, Long Clawson, the 23 will be on diversion.

The 23 will be unable to serve East End in Long Clawson and will operate via Melton Road, left onto Clawson Lane, left on Waltham Road, continue on Waltham Road to the bottom, then turn right, back on its normal line of route. 


Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 23
Tuesday 30th to Friday 2nd June 2023
28 High Street, South Witham

Road Closure: High Street/Mill Lane, South WithamTuesday 30th May to Friday 9th June 2023Service 28

Due to a closure on High Street, the 28 will be unable to serve the shops on Water Lane. It will operate to South Witham as normal on North Witham Road, but it will then divert onto Church Street, right onto Water Lane to North Witham Road, back on its normal line of route to Park Estate (Moor Lane) and Grantham. 


Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 28
Tuesday 30th May to Friday 9th June 2023
44 Gallow Fields Road

Road Closure: Gallow Fields RoadMonday 12th June 2023 (one day)Service 44

From Market Harborough to Foxton - The 44 will operate as normal from Market Harborough to Main Street, Foxton, where it will continue on Main Street to St Andrew's Church as normal, but instead of continuing on to Gallow Fields Road, it will turn at the turning circle near to St Andrew's Church & head back up Main Street, onto Langton Road to Market Harborough and Fleckney. 

Please note: The bus stops on Gallow Fields Road will not be served. Passengers will need to board at one of the stops on Main Street. 

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus 44
Monday 12th June 2023