Service Changes Last updated: Wednesday, 27 September 2023 03:02 PM

HH Hospital Hopper

What is Changing?

From 25th September we will be operating duplicate buses through-out Autumn on the following journeys, to deal with overloading issues. 

  • 0650 from General Hospital to Glenfield (0640 from Hamilton)
  • 0720 from General Hospital to Glenfield (0710 from Hamilton) - We already operate a duplicate bus on this journey, which will remain in place. 
  • 0820 from Railway Station to Glenfield (0740 from Hamilton)
  • 1611 from Glenfield to General Hospital (1605 from Beaumont Centre)

Please note: The 16:11 duplicate bus from Glenfield Hospital to General Hospital, will be in place from Thursday 14th September. 

When is it Changing?

Monday 25th September 2023

Hospital Hopper timetable can be found here

Affected Services:

  • ic_bus HH
Monday 25th September 2023