Withdrawal of Carbonara in Hitchin

We are making some changes to our ticketing options in the Hitchin network.

From 22nd February the Hitchin Carbonara weekly and 10 trip smartcards will be withdrawn and no longer accepted for travel on our buses.

In preparation, we will stop allowing the topping up of Hitchin 10 Trip and Weekly smartcards from Monday 8th February 2021. 

If you have any remaining weeks or trips of travel left on your Carbonara card after the 22nd February 2021 please send your card back to us confirming your name and address and we will arrange for you to be refunded the equivalent value in travel vouchers.

We are pleased to advise you can still take advantage of the Carbonara cost savings by purchasing our Hitchin 10 Trip m-ticket and Hitchin Weekly m-ticket from our mobile app.  From the  1st February 2021, these tickets will be available on our app for £15 for 10 trips, and the Hitchin Weekly m-ticket will be reduced to £11 per week to match the Smartcard saving.  Simply search for Centrebus on Google Play or in the Apple store to download our app and you can register and start purchasing m-tickets for travel today!

For more info, please call 0116 410 5050 or email help@centrebus.co.uk.