Whipsnade Zoo Group Ticket

We have introduced a new Group Ticket for travel to and from Whipsnade Zoo on service 40/40A.

Costing £7, the ticket allows for an unlimited days travel for up to 5 people within the Luton and Dunstable zone plus travel outside the zone on services 40/40A between Dunstable and Whipsnade Zoo. 

The ticket can be purchased on any Centrebus in the Luton and Dunstable zone and allows for easy travel to and from the zoo with connecting services in Dunstable, including services B and E on the Busway to other areas of Luton and Dunstable.

Whipsnade Zoo is outside of the Hip-Hop and PlusBus zone, but this ticket will allow passengers to visit the zoo for just 50 pence more than the price of the standard Luton and Dunstable zone Group Ticket.