Travelling in the Leicester Flexi Area? Travel with ease and peace of mind, knowing that you will receive the ‘best value’ adult fare on all bus companies in the network.

Simply “tap on” your contactless card or phone (with Google or Apple Pay enabled) on the ticket machine when you board the bus and “tap off” on the Tap off Reader when you alight, and your single fare will automatically be calculated.  It’s as easy as that! 

  • If you make additional journeys throughout the same day, your payment will be capped at the adult day ticket price.

  • If you make additional journeys throughout the week, your price will be capped at the adult week ticket price. 

  • No matter how many trips you make and which bus company you travel with, you will receive the best value fare. 

No need to worry about having the correct change or having to buy a ticket upfront.  Simply “tap on” and “tap off” as you travel.

If you travel more frequently, your total fare will be automatically capped to the best value ticket available, up to and including the Week ticket.  Therefore, you will be charged up to the Day, 3Day and Weekly cap, which ever is the best value; so whether you travel a little or a lot, you will always get the best price! 


Single Operator Capping

If you are travelling with only one bus company within the Leicester Flexi area your fare will be capped at the best value far for that bus company. Centrebus fares are as followed.

Ticket Centrebus
Single From £1.60 to £3.00
2-Trip* £4.30
Day £5.00
3 Day £13.00
Week £18.00


Multi-Operator Network Capping

If you travel in the Leicester Flexi zone on more than one bus company, your fare will be capped at the following prices, no matter how many times you travel during that period:

Flexi Ticket Prices

Ticket Price
Day £5.30
Week £20.50


Please note that this is currently on available on Centrebus, Arriva, First, Vectare. 

For more information, please visit our tap on tap off Q&A page.