Centrebus Mobile tickets 28/01/2019


You can already buy and use Day, Week, and Month M-Tickets in the Luton, Leicester, Grantham, Hitchin and Stevenage zones.  Group Day tickets are also available in Luton and Leicester and you can also purchase a 10 Trip M-Ticket for the Luton zone.

Starting 20th May we are adding the £8 Centrebus Network Day and £26 Centrebus Network Week to our range of M-Tickets.  The ticket is valid for unlimited travel on any Centrebus service except the UHL and Uni services in Leicester and the Tui service in Luton for the period it is valid. 

The tickets are perfect for unlimited travel on longer journeys between towns such as Hatfield to Luton on the 366 service or Grantham to Loughborough on the 8 service. 

The tickets are ideal for travelling on more than one service from outside of a zone and then travel within a zone; for example travelling to Leicester on the 747 service from Uppingham and then changing on to the 54A service to the National Space Centre on Abbey Lane or travelling to Dunstable on service 34 and changing on to the Busway B to Luton Interchange.  The choices are endless!

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