Keeping your ticket safe

Can I laminate my ticket?

All of our bus tickets are printed on heat sensitive paper. When you laminate any of our bus tickets you essentially wipe your ticket clear. We therefore strongly advise that you do not laminate your ticket.
Do you accept defaced tickets?
No, all tickets must be clearly readable by the driver.
Do drivers have anything I can put my ticket in?
Yes, we give all drivers ticket holders to hand out to customers who buy weekly and monthly tickets. In the event that the driver does not have any ticket holders please fill out our contact form  and we'll send you one free of charge in the post
I've put my ticket in the washing machine, my dog's eaten my ticket, my turtle's ran away with it... Can I still use my ticket?
Drivers will accept tickets as long as they are able to read them. Tickets which have been defaced will not be accepted, this is in line with our conditions of carriage which you can read here.
I'm going to be travelling every week what should I do if I lose my ticket?
If you are travelling regularly with Centrebus we recommend you buy a season ticket. These can be purchased through our online shop and represent a significant saving on buying daily on bus tickets. Season tickets can be reissued for £10., if you lose your season ticket for the second time we charge £20 to reissue the ticket. We are unable to reissue weekly and monthly tickets as we have no proof of purchase. We also recommend swapping to one of our smartcard products such as Pecorino, Back to School or Carbonara.
I've lost my smartcard what should I do?
Don't worry! Please contact our customer services department and we can hotlist the card. When we hotlist the card nobody can use it. We can also refund any credit remaining on the card subject to an admin fee.
I've lost my ticket what can I do?
We are unable to reprint or reissue on bus or Payzone tickets. These tickets are not issued with a proof of purchase, so we are unable to reissue them. If you have an issue with a ticket brought from Payzone, we suggest you contact the retailer you brought the ticket from.