Change Policy

What can I do with a change voucher?

  • Swap the voucher for cash when the driver has the available funds.  Change vouchers can be exchanged on any Centrebus or High Peak service at the discretion of the driver for cash.
  • Use the voucher towards future travel.  The voucher will be accepted as full or part payment on any Centrebus or High Peak service.  If the voucher is more than the cost of travel at that time, the driver will issue change in either a change voucher or cash.
  • Send your change voucher to our customer service department for a full refund.  Click here to apply online or send it in the post addressed to: Centrebus Customer Services, 43 Wenlock Way, Leicester, LE4 9HU

Why do you issue change vouchers?

Our drivers are only able to carry a limited amount of change, and at certain times of the day they often run out.  This is because quite often we find that large numbers of customers wish to pay with notes, often for relatively small fares; in our experience how ever much change is carried it is often not enough. 


What does a change voucher look like? 

A change voucher is printed on bus ticket paper and will be given to you by the driver. 


I don't want a change voucher, can I travel?

If you do not have the correct fare, we do not have change, and you are not prepared to accept a change voucher it will not be possible to allow you to travel.  


Can I pay with a £10 note?

Yes, you can pay with a £10 note, please be aware you may have to accept a change voucher if the driver has insufficient change. Please also note that we are not usually able to accept £20 notes, and do not accept £50 notes, for security reasons. 


I've got a change voucher, can I cash it in?

Yes please fill out our contact form here. Please use the word 'CHANGE' in the report reference number!