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If you contact us with a concern or criticism, we will get back to you as soon as we can. Our main focus is to find out what went wrong, provide you with an honest reply, and take action to prevent things going wrong again. 
We will acknowledge comments made by email or on the contact form within 3 working days, and aim to respond more fully within 28 days. It can take longer if a detailed investigation is required. If we do not have an email address for you, we will write to confirm receipt but this can take longer.
Firstly we will check our own records, but in many cases we will prepare a report, and ask the relevant department head to follow it up.  Once we get a response we will report back to you. Sometimes it can take longer than anticipated to follow things up, for example if staff are on holiday, so we will also let you know if this is the case.
Our conditions of carriage are the terms of business under which we provide bus and contract services.
Once we have replied, if you are for some reason dissatisfied with the investigation that has been carried out we can ask a senior manager to carry out a stage 2 review.  They will examine the way your complaint has been handled and if necessary can carry out a re-investigation.  We will only carry out a review after we have been able to complete our first stage investigation, and you will need to write to us, giving the reasons why you think the investigation we have carried out is inadequate.  If after a stage 2 review has been completed you remain dissatisfied, Bus Users UK may be able to help.  Further details are at  
Our delay compensation policy is designed to be an efficient way to get a refund if your journey with us is delayed by more than 60 minutes, as a result of an early or late running bus or a cancellation. Compensation is paid in the form of travel vouchers which can be used for payment (or part payment) towards any Centrebus group journey. 
Now that your complaint has been investigated, you may wish to claim a refund under the scheme.
What might you get back?
For completed journeys - the value of the ticket you have purchased from us

For journeys not completed - the value of a standard single ticket for the intended journey, or the value of your ticket if you have already purchased one.

Season tickets - the proportional daily cost of your ticket
No alternate service that day - the value of a journey on an alternate mode, up to 4 times the standard single fare
Overcharging - the amount overcharged
To make a claim under the delay compensation scheme please complete the form by clicking the link below.
Our conditions of carriage are the terms of business under which we provide bus and contract services. If a third party has met your travel costs, the maximum amount reimbursed to you will be based on the fare paid by the third party to Centrebus. We do not normally accept claims in cases where buses are delayed if customers were notified of the delay before the ticket was purchased.  Section 3 of our conditions of carriage limits our liability such that incidental costs and alternate or subsequent travel costs (except as above) will not be met, and we recommend that you have appropriate travel insurance in place to cover such eventuality.
Details of our season ticket refund policy are in the conditions of carriage.

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