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When do I need proof of age?

Children aged under 11 usually qualify for child rate travel with Centrebus without any proof of age. However, if you or your child are aged 11-18, you will need appropriate ID to get child fare. For those aged 18+, standard adult fares will apply unless a special local scheme operates.  A Young Person's Proof of Age card costs £3, plus £1 p&p. 


What ID do I need?

In some areas, special local rules apply:

In Hertfordshire, you need a Herts Savercard to qualify for child fare if you are 11 or older (click here)

In Derbyshire, you need b_line card to qualify (

In all other areas, Centrebus require proof of age with a Centrebus Young Persons card.


Is there an alternative?

If you are not entitled to any of these, consider getting an Under 21's Discount Card or getting an NUS Extra card to get 15% off standard single and return bus fares.


How much will I save?

On most Centrebus services, the child rate discount is about 30% off the usual adult fare. In some areas, the discount is greater, up to 50%.


How do I apply?

You can apply online using the link below.  A Young Person's Proof of Age card costs £3, plus £1 p&p.  We will need you to send us proof of age (either a copy of the entitled child's birth certificate or the personal details page of their passport)before we can issue the pass.


How long will the card last?

The card is usually valid until the day before the holder's 14th birthday, so you do not need to renew every year.


What are the rules?

All travel is subject to our normal terms and conditions of travel. The card must be carried at all times when travelling, and shown to the driver when a fare is paid at the reduced rate. There is no later refund if the card is not available when travelling. It is not transferable to other passengers, and you may be asked for other proof of identity when travelling. Misused cards will be withdrawn without refund, and lost or damaged cards cannot be replaced except by new application.


So what do I do next?

If this is the card for you, please click here.


So what happens next?

Once we have received your application, payment and proof of age we will send you a card in the post. You will need a passport sized photograph to insert in the card before you can use it. If we have any queries we will contact you either by email, post or phone using the details you have supplied. Remember to send your proof of age - we need this before we can complete your application.