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Local bus travel with us can be great value. As well as our range of discount day, season and combination tickets, we offer concessionary travel rates to many people, including children, students and the elderly. Concessionary permits are usually issued by your local council or education establishment, so please do contact them for more details. You must always carry your concessionary permit when travelling, and show it to the driver each time you board the bus. Find out more about the various Concessionary Travel schemes that operate across our network here

Travel for Children

Children aged under 5 travel free on Centrebus services, provided they are accompanied by an adult passenger.
In Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire young people under 18 can get a discount on standard single and return fares. on presentation of a valid Young Person's card. The discount is usually around 20%. These same conditions apply on journeys which start or finish in Hertfordshire, but involve travel into neighbouring counties such as Bedfordshire.
You must present a Centrebus Proof of Age card to prove your age to the driver if you are 11 or older, if you cannot show a proof of age card you will be charged the standard adult fare.
In Hertfordshire, children aged under 11 can get a 50% discount on standard single and return fares for journeys which are wholly within Hertfordshire. Children aged 11 or older pay the standard adult fare unless they hold a Hertfordshire Savercard.
From the age of 18 upwards, children and students pay the standard adult fare. However, if you are in full time education, we are pleased to offer those students with a valid NUS Extra card 15% off standard single return fares, our Travel Club also offers 15% discount. 
Hertfordshire Savercard
If you are travelling within Hertfordshire, children and students aged 11 and over, in full time education, can get up to 50% of local bus travel with Centrebus if they hold a Hertfordshire Savercard. You can apply for a card through your school or college, and the card will be valid until your 16th birthday, or for one year if you are 16 or over.
With Hertfordshire Savercard, you get a 50% discount on the price of standard single or return tickets for journeys wholly within Hertfordshire, and you can also qualify for a discount on our range of day and season tickets. For more information, and to apply online, click here.
Travel for Senior Citizens

If you are over 60, you may qualify for free bus travel with Centrebus at off-peak times from 1st April 2008 (however, rules regarding the age you qualify for a bus pass are changing, so please contact you local council for details on eligibility). You need to obtain a permit from your local district or borough council to claim the concession on the bus. Off-peak travel means anytime between 09:30 and 23:00 (11pm) Monday to Friday, or any time at weekends or on public holidays. Local residents can get additional travel benefits, including free or reduced rate peak time travel.
For full details, visit your local council's website.
Student Travel Discount

With NUS Extra, you can get 15% off the price of a standard single or return ticket when you show your membership card. This discount is available on all our services except County Connect, our 34 and 37 Northampton services and UHL Hopper.
If you hold an NUS Apprentice Extra card, you can get 15% off standard single and return fares on our buses. Simply show your Extra card to the bus driver when you board the bus. To qualify for an "NUS Apprentice Extra" card, you need to be an apprentice and pay the £11 annual membership fee. For more information on how to get an NUS Apprentice Extra card click here. 

North Herts College students can travel for just £1 single if travelling to Hitchin or Stevenage with Centrebus. You will need a both an NHC ID card and Herts Savercard to qualify.


University of Bedfordshire students can also travel at child rate (30% discount on single, return, and weekly tickets, but not multi-operator products) for any journey starting or finishing in the Luton/Dunstable zone. 


East and North Hetfordshire NHS Trust  

Staff travelling on any Centrebus service can save 15% on standard single and return fares by showing their ID Card to the driver when they board. The discount is perfect for staff wanting to commute effortlessly between work and home in comfort, without having to pay high car parking charges or battle the traffic.


Centrebus offers great connections to Lister hospital within Stevenage through our 80, 390, SB15 and SB16 services. Staff members can also use their discount on any Centrebus service without limit, perfect for travelling at the weekend outside of work.


For frequent travellers Centrebus are offering a 10% discount on network season tickets, which is available through our online shop. East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust staff should contact their Estates team for more information on this discount Find out more about the discount here.